Mission Statement

The Mississippi Racquetball Association, Inc. (MRA) is the Mississippi governing body for the sport of racquetball and is committed to excellence and service to our members. We provide opportunities for members and enthusiasts to actively participate in the sport, through sanctioning of events, administration of programs and development of competitive teams. To provide racquetball opportunities in the sport of racquetball for all levels of participation through:

  • MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT - MRA values its members and will strive to provide the best possible member services at all levels.
  • MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT - MRA believes that racquetball is a lifetime endeavor and the benefits of health, recreation, and competition, should be available to all. MRA will strive to expand its membership in order to share these benefits with as many players and supporters as possible.
  • PROMOTION OF THE SPORT - In order to sustain a strong player base MRA will promote the numerous benefits of participation through this web site and newsletters.
  • SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS - MRA values its relationship with sponsors and will continue to maximize benefits and exposure.