Our Sponsors

The images below are the companies and individuals who have given or pledged $1000 or more towards our campaign of building a new home for Mississippi Racquetball. If you are able to give or pledge $1000 or more we would love to add your name or logo here on our site. Please click on the following link so you can provide us your contact information so we can contact you: Make a Pledge

Media and Links

Article in USA Racquetball by David Graves


I remember it like it was yesterday. Winter of 2006, I had recently moved to the Jackson area. I don’t like the cold, I don’t train outside when it's miserable; however, I was a competitive triathlete. Read more...

Interview by Sudsy Monchik & John Ellis

Sudsy Monchik and John Ellis discuss MS Racquetball and more on Beyond The Court with our State Director, David Graves: Watch...

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GoFundMe Campaign

The Mississippi Racquetball Association has lost our home. Help us build another. Read our story...

Ongoing Auctions & Fund-Raising Items

Auction items

Signed Hogan racquet is the only item that sold to an outside party.

Jim Winterton Coaching Staff offer

They have offered to provide free video coaching lessons whereby they do the video analysis/breakdown/coaching and we receive the money. We need to get with Jim and Thomas and work out the details and logistics of how this would work.

Boston T-Shirts

Stewart Solomon wants to send us a box of leftover tournament shirts to sell or otherwise use to promote our cause.

HEAD gear

We need to get an itemized list of all the HEAD racquets and gear we can buy for cheap and sell for profit. Then we need to sell it.

Malibu Racquetball Weekend

Cindy Tilbury has offered to host some people in her home in Malibu for a racquetball weekend getaway.

Bloom California Trip

Mark Bloom has offered to cover the airfare to fly someone out to California for another racquetball type getaway. He is also said he can get the person court time out there with Rocky Carson and Alvaro Beltran